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    ID problem when Adding or Copy/Paste New Activities between existing Activities


      Dear All,

      Sorry if this seems basic to you but I've to ask.

      In P3 whenever I wanted to add Activities in between Activities already existing and I wanted to keep the numbering logic, I'd increase the Activities below in as much as the number of Activities that I wanted to add and I'd put the new ones in the middle. Like that I would keep the Activities suffix in a logic order so that after if I sort it from the Activity ID all the Activities were in the right place.

      In P6 it seems I cant "Add" value to Activities unless I change the one by one, not even with a Global Change....

      I've manage to put Activities in the place that I want but I always have to add a extra number, such as: A100; A1001; A1002; A1003: ... ; A110.e

      Does anybody knows how to do such?

      In M.Office in simple Copy/Paste and the Activities stay where you do the Paste, simple....