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    How to stop EMAIL_PO_PDF to Suppliers


      Dear All,


      We have custom notification set to be send to supplier after PO Approval. SO we do not intend to send EMAIL_PO_PDF to Suppliers from notification mailer.


      The standard workflow notification for EMAIL_PO_PDF is getting generated only when the below scenario is met –

      1)PO is in requires re-approval state with changes (Quantity Change/New line add etc) pending on it to be approved through workflow.

      2)A cancellation of line is done and the PO is submitted for approval.


      Apart from above combinations, the EMAIL_PO_PDF notification is not getting sent in any other scenario (New PO, Change PO etc).


      So please suggest if there is any functional setup that will retrict the workflow to send these notifications where cancellation of a PO line takes place.