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    How to make the default value of one select list change after a change in another select list is done (not cascading LOV).




      I've been looking the answer for a while now, but couldn't find solution to my problem. It's a rather insignificant issue, but after dealing with more pressing problems I stuck with this one and I cannot move forward I am using Apex 4.2.1.


      Ok, lets start with a description.

      I have two select lists. After making a choice in the first one I would like the second one value to change. It's not cascading LOV case however, at least I don't think so.


      Let me give you an example. Suppose we have a table with name and default occupation.

      NameDefault occupation

      End user firstly chooses name from the first list and then the occupation from another. It may be not clear from the given example, but the order matters.

      What I want is to force a change in second list value after a choice in the first one is made. So after the name is picked, the occupation should change to the default one.

      The assignment is the most typical one, but not the only one. Therefore I want the end user to be able to change the occupation if needed. Meaning Tom does not have to be janiotor, he can be whoever he wants That's why it's not the cascading LOV problem.


      I've tried with dynamic actions - setting the value and then refresh. It works when the second select list is text field. I cannot find the way to make it work with another select list.


      Hope you can help.