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    Text Field with autocomplete


      Hi there,


      Oracle 11g and


      Application Express


      Please help about the following?


      I have a page and some regions.


      region 1 has some items say P1_ID, P1_content_type (radio group) e.g Customer and Non-customer and other P1_items..


      region 2 has two item say P1_customer (text with auto complete) and data come from following


      select  t.id||'-'||bcp.customer_name  descr

      from table_1 t

      where t.CUSTOMER_TYPE = 'A'

      and :p1_content_type IN ('CUSTOMER','NON-CUSTOMER')


      but auto complete does not work and I believe because of :p1_content_type. any idea?


      thanks for help in advanced.