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    Oracle 10gr2 Master/detail form running very slow when you navigate to the detail record.


      Hi All, I have a master detail  form, running in webserver, when I navigate to the detail block, the form start buffering and buttering for about 2 min. There is a trigger when-new-record instance that is firing when you navigate to  a new record : The select part of this stament is taken a long time to execute. I modified this in toad and what used to take 25 seconds to run is taken less than a second now, but the slowness still persists in the form.


      for rec in (select wrrh_col



            from wh_col,



           where wrrh_col_no = :block.wreh_wrrh_col_no

             and wrrh_col_no = wreh_wrrh_col_no

               and wrrh_col_no = wpbh_col_no

             and wrrh_col_proj    = wpbh_col_proj

             and wrrh_proj_no     = wpbh_proj_no) loop


         if fun_name(rec.wpbh_col_lvd) = 'Y' then                      

          do something,

         end if;

        end loop;


      The select staement that used to run for 23 seconds is running in less than one second, but the form is still running very slow when I navigate to the detail record.


      Please advise.