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    Connecting as SYSDBA on EM


      I am currently working on a Windows 2000 SP4 with 10g
      and I found a strange problem :
      I can't login on EM with a local browser and it works perfectly when launching EM from another machine.
      On the local machine, after the login EM displays the
      first page with no access to the system.
      When I try to go to the "performance" page EM ask for authentication again and (with "good" user/password) refuse the login with :

      Erreur de base de données
      Exception d'E/S: SO Exception was generated

      while connecting from a "remote" machine all functions are accessible except the functions requiring a "host"
      access as all are refused whith :
      RemoteOperationException: ERROR: Wrong password for user
      So I cant't even export a table !

      I use also 10g on Linux and don't have the same problems.