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    Auto Generating Serial Number in Tabular Form


      Hi All,

           I need to implement Line Number concept as in Oracle Applications in my Apex Tabular Form,


      If I create 3 records in the tabular form it should appear as shown below:

      Line NumberSample


      The Line Number has to be an auto generated series and should be a database column (ie) it has to be display as text(saves state) column in the tabular form since it cannot be modified by the user.


      In case I delete a record then it should be as shown below"


      Line NumberSample

      (ie) though I have deleted the First record it should automatically change the Line number of the second record to 1.


      and if I update the tabular form by adding another row then it should appear as shown below:


      Line NumberSample


      Is this functionality achievable in apex? can someone help me out?

      I use APEX version.


      Thanks and Regards,


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