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    refresh html region when selection list or ir selected row chang


      Apex 4.2




      i made a  simple page to test actions.


      i have


      - an interactive Report and a selection list in my first region.

      - a text field (P5000_indid) to keep the indid selected


      - html region where the source is :



      CURSOR c_ind IS

      SELECT indid, ind, industry

      FROM  ind

      WHERE  indid like :P5000_INDID;


      FOR a IN c_ind LOOP

          htp.p('<b style="white-space:nowrap;">Indid: '||a.indid||' ---> '||a.industry||'</b><br>');

      END LOOP;




      i m sorry but i m a little confused with all the things i read before and don't know what is possible or not and what is the best pratice to :


      1. select in the selectList (is it also possible to retreive the selected or (highlighted) row in an IR )

      2. update the P5000_INDID 

      3. refresh the html area depending on the value of P5000_INDID  (i was able to refresh an IR depending on the value, but there was the possibility to say which variable to submit, but i don't

      see that for html region )



      i m doing this test, because at the end, i would like to be able to regresh a small chart depending on the selected row of the IR.  do u think it s possible ?



      sorry for my newbie question


      thanks for ur help