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    automating the "Catalog Bulk Load" - Java.Lang.NullPointerException




      We're upgrading to R12 and our previous 11.5.10 process for loading catalogue items was to receive XML files containing Items and CPA number from a catalogue application and upload them automatically by submitting the concurrent request "Catalog Bulk Load - Items & Prices" (POXCDXBL) from a scheduled unix script - we submit a concurrent request for each file i.e. for each CPA (there are 100's to process each day)


      Now  in R12, we are receiving the XML files in the new format with GBPA number (passed as parameters into concurrent request - po_header_id) and trying to load these using the the same script (except the parameters for POXCDXBL have changed)


      If we Upload the XML files directly in EBS via the Buyer WorkCentre, they load ok and import the items onto the GBPA


      If we try to run the script to kick off the concurrent request "Catalog Bulk Load - Items" we get a Java.Lang.NullPointerException - we are using the exact same file that loads ok via the front end of EBS in the Buyer WorkCentre and the parameters in both concurrent requests are identical except the filename, via Upload it's just the filename only that was broswed for on PC and via unix script it's got the full path of where the XML file can be found.


      I believe from the various documentation on troubleshotting loading of catalog items in R12, that the files are no longer stored on the middle tier / concurrent manager tier but instead loaded into the database - hence I suspect prior to submitting the concurrent request for POXCDXBL, I need to somehow  upload the XML file containing the items  into the DB - i've asked Oracle support for help and they have indicated need to get Oracle consultancy involved


      2 questions


      1. Has anybody else automated the loading to XML catalog in R12 and how did you do this ?

      2. Has anybody come across the issue I'm having ?


      Seems ironic that "Catalog Bulk Load" isn't really bulk loading for us because you have to have a single file per GBPA and we've got 100's everyday and Oracle Support are suggesting the only apporach is to manually upload via the screens in EBS.


      Any help apprciated.