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    How do you Replace 'Row' in Pagination and Error Text?


      I've been developing in Apex for a while but have just joined this forum today. I'm using Apex 4.2 and I'd like to know how to alter references to 'row' in these circumstances:


      1) Pagination text i.e. Rows 1-30 of….

      2) Tabular error messages i.e. Enter a value for name (Row 2)


      Calling a record a row is a bit geeky and fine for people with RDBMS backgrounds but for customer applications, especially those being used by the public, row is at best a confusing term for them. This is particularly true if customers read it using the other interpretation of the word 'row', in other words an argument.


      Is there a way to substitute it to say something like 'Invoices 1-30 of….' and Enter a value for name (Product 2)'?