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    Regex pattern, filter delimiter in sql code

    Hugo Tigre



      The problem I'm having is that the regex pattern below is not catching the beginning "go" and ending "go" of a string.




      The idea is catching the "whole word", in this case the word is "go" so if the word is at the beginning of the string or at the end, i still want to include it.

      So, for example:

      "go select * from table1 go" -> should catch 2 "go"s but catches 0

      "go go# select * from table1 --go go" -> should also catch 2 "go"s but catches 0

      "go go select * from table1 go go" -> should catch 4 "go"s but catches 2


      I have the "[(?<=\\s)]" and the "(?=\\s)" so that the word "go" when next to a special character is not included, for example "--go".


      The problem is that this also negates the beginning and ending of the string.


      Code to test example: It should split at 1st, 2nd and last "go", but only splits at the 2nd "go".

      String s = "go go select * from table1 --go go";
      String delimiter = "go";
      String[] queries = s.split("(?iu)[(?<=\\s)]\\b" + delimiter + "\\b(?=\\s)");
      for (int i = 0; i < queries.length; i++) {


      I really need to fix this but I'm not having much success.


      Any help will be appreciated, thanks in advance.