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    OBIEE 10G answers - 2 facts with different dimensions



      fact 1: sales.

      Related dimensions: branch, time, product


      fact 2: promotions:

      Related dimensions: branch, time, promotion code


      Both of these two facts and related dimensions are star schemas.


      Both facts alone run OK.


      What I want:

      branch, time, promotion code, sales, promotions


      In SQL it would be something like (pseudo code):

      select t1.*, t2.promotion code, t2.promotions



      select branch, time, sales

      from branch, time, sales

      where --joins and filters

      ) t1


      left outer join



      select branch, time, promotion code, promotions

      from branch, time, promotion code, promotions

      where --joins and filters

      ) t2

      on t1.branch = t2.branch

      and t1. time = t2.time


      I am not sure is this doable in OBIEE, or should I just use SQL?