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    Amending a Budget With Absolute Budgetary Control




      I have a question re the budgetary control functionality in Projects. Hopefully someone out there can provide some clarity.


      So basically we have a three level CBS. Level 2 is the task and we have set absolute budgetary control at this level. We have discovered that users can amend the budget to bring it below "Open Commitments + Actuals". So, for example, I create a project with a budget of $100. I then raise a commitment for $60 which leaves an available budget of $40. I then go in and amend my total budget from $100 to $50 (i.e. below my open commitment) and the system allows me do this.


      Is this standard functionality or are our support team missing something? Could we even have an alert so that the user is warned this is happening. They are saying there is absolutely nothing can be done to prevent this.