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    after patch must input double login credentials


      Hello forum users,


      i have had an error when starting my application.

      Error called ora-06502 numeric value


      After some search i found a patch, which solves the problem for this error.

      patch was p16760897 from supprt.oracle.com.


      Now i have no error message, but i must put in the login credentials twice.


      First i open my url and there is no session id in the url.

      After putting the login credentials for the first time, the site will be refreshed and now with the sessionid in the url,

      but i am on the same site and i have to put the login credentials a second time.

      In the background the user is logged on.


      I am runnung Apex 4.2.2 !


      I am using the f_sentry function to secure sessionid.


      Do you have any ideas ?