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    Customizing Requisition Account Generator for Accrual Account



         I have a requirement to customize the Requisition account Workflow to customize first 3 segments(in our scenario Company,Cost Center,Natural Acct) of Accounting Flexfield. Charge account build is customized based on the Expense Account Rule & Company Cost Center from Expense account associated with requester in HRMS.


      Now we need to customize the Accrual Account also. Currently it is defaulting from Purchasing Option Setup. We need to replace the Company & Cost Center segment in Accrual Account with Requester's Company & Cost Center.


      We are following logic like, if combination not exists, it will create the Code Combination. This is the requested scenario by user.


      I am not able to find where I need to customize in WF for Accrual Account.?


      Thanks & Regards