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    OBIA QA environment question

    Alvaro Soares

      Hi All,


            I have to create a QA environment for OBIA The Dev environment was created and configurated with OBIEE, ODI and OBIA in one Linux machine.


            Now, to create the QA environment I am installing OBIEE in a Linux machine and I'll have to install ODI in another. But related to ODI, I have some questions :


      1. In ODI machine, I'll  just have to install just the "Stand Alone Agent", right ?
      2. Still on this machine, Do I have to install Weblogic 10.3.6 or just ODI Studio and after the stand alone agent ?
      3. Related to <My Prefix>_BIA_ODIREPO. It was created in another environment (Dev). When I am going to configure the connection to the stand alone agent (in QA environment), which repository does it has to be connected ? Because at QA environment I did no create any OBIA repository for this environment.



            Does someone could help me on that or have some sample of how this environment should be set ?



      Thanks in advance,