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    Report in Dashboard changes alignment when Prompt is applied

    Jamuna Jawahar



      I'm using OBIEE


      I have placed an Analysis in a Dashboard for a report with 6 columns. The report takes up 30% of the space in the Dashboard section. On initial loading, the report is left-aligned, and I have made the Section setting also to be left-aligned. But when I select some filter from the Dashboard prompt and Apply, the resulting report become center-aligned. Even when I remove all the filters it stays the same.


      So basically the report stays with left alignment on initial load only. Further filtering of the result is causing alignment to get centered.

      I'm puzzled as to why this happens. Would like to hear from anyone else who has faced this problem before and what you did to fix it. Any workarounds are also fine as long as this does not happen.


      Thank you!




      For now I have managed the problem by reducing the section border width using css, so the report alignment changing from left to center is least noticeable. But the problem still exists, I have just adjusted the display to make it negligible. So I would still like to hear on the possible causes for this