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    Rac related query




      I have a query as below.

      Usually in a Single instance Oracle database one application schema resides.

      Now if we look at cost of RAC technology it is not possible to have  rac setup for EACH  Application.

      So in an organization where there are many Application and they want to use Real Application cluster then how RAC setup is created?

      Is it like one Rac setup containing many schemas for each application? Or is it that each application will have one RAC setup?

      Please suggest. Thanks.



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          Hi Rajesh,

          No one can afford, if one RAC setup for one application. All depends on how many databases you want.

          In One RAC environment, you can create databases according to your lisence,

          Each and every organization differs based on their requirement.

          We have 1 RAC environment(3 nodes) and we have 5 applications altogether running in the same RAC





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            Hi Pradeep,


            Thanks for your opinion.




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              The RAC licensing will allow you to run as many individual databases as you wish, but that brings with it additional administrative overhead (multiple backups, patches, etc) at the expense of division of resources. If your applications can all peacefully coexist in a single database, and don't mind having the same maintenance schedule (if the single database needs to go down, all tenants are affected) then I suggest one "large" clustered database.