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    New form - can't close and menu not visible


      Hi, I am teaching myself forms development is E-Business Suite and have created a basic form from TEMPLATE.fmb from this tutorial: http://oraclemaniac.com/2012/08/15/how-to-develop-a-new-form-for-oracle-applications/.

      I've compiled it, transferred to the server & set up, and it runs ok. All apart from when I press the close icon it doesn't close! Additionally, when the form is active, the toolbar options (new record, find torch icon navigator, save etc) is not visible, neither are the File, Edit, Folder, Tools and Help menus. All I have is the "Window" menu.


      If I click back onto the navigator then the menus and toolbar options appear so it seems as though it's the form that is the problem. I followed the above tutorial and checked through it all, and am sure I've done all the required steps!

      Any help would be appreciated.