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Rows getting jumbled when fetched using OCIStmtFetch2()

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I have a hierarchical data structure in one of my table called parts.

The structure of the table is something like this

ParentPart, ComponentPart, Data



P3,P4, xyz

P4,P5, xyz

P7,P8, xyz ……




When I fire a connect by query to traverse the relationship starting with part P1 in sqlplus then I get

Following output.



P3,P4, xyz

P4,P5, xyz


However when I fire the same query using OCI APIs and fetch the results using  OCIStmtFetch2 API then I get jumbled output. I am getting Row P3,P4, xyz as the first row in the data buffer.

I found that the rows in the data buffer are jumbled and differ from the SQLplus output.

I am using scrollable cursors to fetch the data. And using Oracle database.


My questions are:

  1. Why the rows are getting jumbled when fetched using OCIStmtFetch2 API.
  2. What SQLplus is doing to display the output in logically correct order.






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