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    Progress GIF Not Animated.

    Gus C

      Apex 4.2

      Theme 21

      Page Template; Application Defaut


      I have some pages in my application that take a while to load, so I wanted to display something

      to show the users while the page was loading.

      So from my menu I first branch to a page that will just display the progress gif, then a branch takes the user

      to the correct page.


      This is all working fine, apart from the progess gif appears, but it is not animated


      I have the following code on page zero


      <style type="text/css">






      <script type="text/javascript">



      function html_Submit_Progress(pThis){


      window.setTimeout('$s("AjaxLoading",$x("AjaxLoading").innerHTML)', 100);






      <div id="AjaxLoading" style="display:none;">..Retrieving Data From &P0_PROGRESS_TEXT...<br /><img src="/i/processing3.gif" id="wait" /></div>


      Any ideas appreciated