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    Oracle 6.3 doesnot boot with UEK kernal



      Fresh installed the 6.3 on a dell server with 128 GB (64 GB after mirrored) memory. The server doesnot boot with the UEK kernal when chose the GUI components. I can boot with the Redhat kernal without error and see the GUI. so far i tried the below actions without luck:

      - Removed the rhgb quite parameters from the grub config

      - Disabled the selinux in the /etc/selinux configuration

      - added the nomodeset in the grub config.


      The error message i can see is "kernel panic not syncing out of memory 2418" etc..

      I have 2 concern here:

      1. How to resolve this error and get the gui in UEK kernel.

      2. If no solution available, is it ok to use the second kernal and run EBS on it? what is the risk if i do so?


      Note: I have reinstalled with 6.2 also, same story.


      Thanks for helpful input.