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    Oracle  DeriveParameters not working with XMLType


      Hi folks, this has me stumped and can't find anyone talking about it.

      We're using ODP (non-managed). 

      Calling OracleCommandBuilder.DeriveParameters to get a parameter collection for SP that inserts a record into a table.

      The table contains a Column of type XMLType.  The Insert SP contains a matching parameter of type XMLType.


      When we call DeriveParameters on the OracleCommand set to the SP, we get the following error:

      "Unsupported PL/SQL datatype at parameter position 3"   Note that position 3 identifies the XMLType param.


      This is code that is working against an Oracle install.

      This error occurs in ODAC ( and in ODAC 12 (latest).


      One more odd part... if we build the parameters collection by hand, we can call the SP just fine and insert the records into the table.  Its really just a problem deriving it.


      UPDATE-  Haven't heard any responses on this... double checked and this is a clean Oracle install (all default options) on a clean Windows 2008 server.  We can't be the only ones using this configuration.  Nobody else has seen this?