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    rows to columns

    Remco van Dam-Oracle

      Hello all,


      I am looking for the following:


      My table looks like this

      case     number

      1           4

      1           3

      2           1

      2           2

      1           2



      Now I want to have the following logical fields in my logical model:








      So my logical 'table' should be something like:

      case  number1 number2 number3 number4 number5

      1       2              3             4             null          null

      2       1              2             null         null          null


      I understand that I can do this in a report, but I really need to do this in my business model, this because I want to do al kind of calculations with those fields.


      Hope anyone can help me out!!


      Where I am looking at is:

      - create 5 aliases and then find somehow out which one you need to take, but for example, I don't know how I can pick number2 (since number1 is just min(number1))

      - something with the evaluate function, but don't know exactly how this works...


      Hope anyone can help me out!