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    How to add an element with a namespace prefix.


      I have a very simple problem, but I think I am going about it the wrong way.


      I have the following XMLTYPE variable in pl/sql:

      <A xmlns="namespace" xmlns:def="myns_namespace">


      In a separate step, I would like to add the following element after B:

      <C attr="attribute" def:defattr="def_attribute"/>


      To produce the following xml:

      <A xmlns="namespace" xmlns:def="myns_namespace">
           <C attr="attribute" def:defattr="def_attribute"/>


      What is the best way to do this?  I have tried the following:

      1.  The following fails because when creating the C element, oracle complains 'namespace prefix "def" is not declared.  This makes sense.

           xmlElement("C", xmlAttributes('attribute' "attr", 'def:defattr' "def_attribute")),
           'xmlns="namespace" xmlns:def="myns_namespace"'
      INTO ...


      2. I've also tried creating element C with the namespace attributes before adding to element A and then removing the namespace declaration attributes using deleteXML.  This does not work because apparently the function can delete Attributes, but it cannot delete namespace declarations. I am trying to avoid ending up with this:

      <A xmlns="namespace" xmlns:def="myns_namespace">
           <C xmlns="namespace" xmlns:def="myns_namespace" attr="attribute" def:defattr="def_attribute"/>


      I was hoping to find a function that could do any one of the following:

      1. Create element fragments, ignoring namespace prefixes and not throw an error.

      2. Remove specific namespace declarations or any redundant namespace declarations.

      3. Add a child element some other way in which the child element would not need to be created and validated independently before being added to the parent.

      4. Or maybe I am going about this whole xml creation process the wrong way and need to rethink my strategy?

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          You'll have to do it in two steps in order to avoid namespace redeclarations at child level :

          SQL> SELECT xmlserialize(document

            2           insertchildxml(

            3             appendChildXML(

            4               xmltype('<A xmlns="namespace" xmlns:def="myns_namespace"><B/></A>')

            5             , '/A'

            6             , xmlelement("C", xmlattributes('attribute' as "attr"))

            7             , 'xmlns="namespace"'

            8             )

            9           , '/A/C'

          10           , '@def:attribute'

          11           , 'def_attribute'

          12           , 'xmlns="namespace" xmlns:def="myns_namespace"'

          13           )

          14           indent

          15         )

          16  FROM dual;




          <A xmlns="namespace" xmlns:def="myns_namespace">


            <C attr="attribute" def:attribute="def_attribute"/>



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            Weird, I really thought I had tried this approach and it didn't work. I must not have commented out another line that I should have. This works, thank you.