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    Sql Developer - View source code of procedures, functions & packages in another schema


      Our developers need the ability to view procedures, function, packages etc. in the production database (using SQL DEVELOPER).  They don't have access to sign on as the owner of these

      objects in Production.  They must use their own limited access UserID for this purpose.
      This limited access UserID has been granted select privilege on DBA_SOURCE & DBA_OBJECTS.  The developers need the ability to view the source of these object via

      the tree view in SQL DEV.  They should be able to click on "other users" in the SQL DEV tree view and see a listing of the owner schema objects.  Then they should

      be able to select the desired object and view the source code.  These developers are used to using GUI interfaces.  Selecting from DBA_SOURCE would not be an

      option for them.

      I understand that if the limited user is granted SELECT ANY DICTIONARY or SELECT_CATALOG_ROLE then this functionality will work.  The problem is those

      privileges/roles  provide much more access than should be granted to these limited access users. Granting DBA to these users is also not an option.


      In TOAD and other end-user tools this functionality works when only select privilege on DBA_SOURCE & DBA_OBJECTS has been granted.  We need this same functionality

      in SQL DEV.


      While searching this forum and the internet, I see that other installations have this same issue.

      Please enhance SQL Developer with this functionality. 

      Thank you, ellen