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    Question about BI Publisher Performance and when to scale


      I have currently install BI Publisher using simple install on a shared application server with the oracle PLM4P application.  We have seen that this requires a large amount of memory to run both applications.  We currently have 6 GB RAM and 2 CPUs in a windows server 2008 R2 environment.  We have decided that we need to move the BI Publisher application to its own server and rather then install it using simple install we would perfer to move to enterprise install to allow us to scale to additional servers when needed.  We have only a few developers but will have around 400 users accessing the reports.  Can you let me know what is a good rule of thumb on how many users readly accessing reports in weblogic before we should look to add additional servers?  Or is the need to scale caused more by the additional of developers rather then end users running and refreshing reports within the application?