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    Receiving of PO with Project/Task



      We have enabled Project Manufacturing for our inventory Org . We created a PO with Project /Task details in the distribution lines and destination type as Inventory.

      The PO was approved and now ready for receiving.

      During receiving, we are entering the Sub inventory and locator where the Items need to be delivered.

      Ex. Sub inventory :Warehouse

      Locator: A1.A1.A1. 

      Once we enter the above Subinventory/Locator, we are getting the below error message.

      APP-PJM-58054:Project Reference must be entered for the given locator.

      In the Locator values, the Project /task segments are enabled and we could select the values. But our understanding is , during receipt of a PO with Project/Task,

      there is no need to select the project /locator in the locator field and since the PO is already linked to Project/Locator, system will dynamically attach the Project/task

      with the locator values and stores the materials . i.e. In the above example, lets say the PO is linked to Proj1/Task1. Now, once we enter the locator as A1.A1.A1,then

      in the onhand workbench, the materials will be at the locator A1.A1.A1.Proj1.Task1.

      Please correct if our understanding is not right.




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          Raghavender K

          Hi Prabakran,


          I understand you have done your setups correcrly, while raising the PO the Destination Organization should be your Inventory Org.


          Define Project-Related Transaction Types in Oracle Inventory
          In Oracle Inventory, create one or more transaction types that are enabled for project use. See Defining and Updating Transaction Types, Oracle Inventory User's Guide

          Integrating Projects with Inventory without Project Manufacturing
          You can implement Inventory to Projects integration so that you can issue from inventory to projects without installing Project Manufacturing. To implement this
          integration, follow these steps:
          1. Enable Project Cost Collection. In the Organization Parameters window in Oracle Inventory, enable the Project Cost Collection Enabled box.
          2. Create a Project-Enabled Transaction Type. See: Define Project-Related Transaction Types in Oracle Inventory,
          3. Set the INV: Project Miscellaneous Transaction Expenditure Type Profile Option.
          In Oracle Inventory, set the value of this profile option to User Entered. With this setting, You must enter expenditure types for project miscellaneous transactions.
          4. Create an Inventory Expenditure Type. In Oracle Projects, create an expenditure type with the transaction type class Inventory



          Ragahvender K

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            Dina Rotem



            The System allows you to create a PO with multiple distributions for the same line & shipment. That means you could have multiple project & tasks distributions. When you enter a receipt transaction system expect you to select the project and task that you are receiving for, since that may be not be a uniqe value.