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    How to search tables and views used in the code of oracle fmb 6i from another form???


      Hii guys, this is a very interesting question and i hope that it will have ample amount of answers.

      My requirement is to know the number of tables and views and backend functions/procedures which are used in the code written in the oracle forms 6i,

      all i want is to display whole views, tables or functions/procedures which are written  in the code of a particular fmb, i do have the path of that fmb and i want to read the code and search through it's entire code for the tables/views/backend procedures/functions written in the code. So how to search through the entire code of a particular form (6i) and make it display through another form.

      I am using oracle forms 6i.

      Please help me out....

      With Regards:

      Ankit Chandra