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    start new Session.




      I have problem with sessions .I found some tips in oracle docs, but still can't make what I want.




      I try to make button, which can restart my session. I don't wanna to clear cache etc. I want new APP_SESSION without logout.




      For example: this is my page addres, and my APP_SESSION is bolded. I want change this number every time, when i clicked my button.









      My idea:








      I tried do this using URL target into "branches", albo into "buttons"- didn't work

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          Can you explain WHY exactly you need to start a new session when you click that button on a page?  What is the business requirement to do such a thing?


          Why I am asking is, you are dumping whatever you had going in one session and wanting to start a totally new one..


          Thank you,


          Tony Miller

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            Explain will be difficult with my english


            I made application without authentication, but for some reason I need some kind of UserID. Someone gives me advice to use App_session  /I thought it will be uniqe every time I'll run my application. /.

            It should works like "restart" button in PC- clicked, and application starts from the beggining.

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              Then you need to look at your application design as apposed to trying to patch around this issue..


              Can you post a copy of your application on Oracle's hosted site so we can see what you are doing and maybe can help that way?


              Thank you,



              Tony Miller