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    Save and retrieve multiple CLOBs on the same page using "apex.ajax.clob"




      This was originally posted back in 2010 with the solution written in a blog at this url


      This thread has since been archived and the url is not accessible.


      I need this exact solution.


      I also can only get 1 clob to display on a page.


      Does anyone have a copy of this blog or have the steps required to solve the multiple clob problem?

      Thank you,



      (Matt was the person who posted this originally, by coincidence, my name is also Matt. Thank you.)


      Has anyone been able to work out how to use "apex.ajax.clob" to save and retrieve multiple CLOBs on the one page. I have it working using 1 CLOB but I need to extend it to support unlimited number of CLOBs, well at least 4. I've started playing a little by overriding a number of javascript functions but I'm not having much success, it seems you can't change the name of the collection 'CLOB_CONTENT' to something else....


      I've followed Dan McGhan's [blog posting|http://www.danielmcghan.us/2010/02/ckeditor-and-those-pesky-clobs.html] on this.


      I'd be interested to know alittle bit more about the "APXWGT" application process/request value, it looks like this is hard wired into package code as I can't find any reference in any of the WWV_FLOW tables in the APEX schema.


      Anyone able to help?