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    http://<hostname>:8080/apex/apex_admin not working


      I installed Apex 4.2.3 in an 11.2 database.  I followed the document very closely and installed it in a sandbox database.  After noting passwords, directory names, etc., I followed the same procedure for the production database where we will do development--the database is strictly for DBA use and has been live for some time now.  I have no problems with the sandbox version.  I can login to the admin page and to http://<hostname>:8080/apex as well to begin development.  I cannot login to either for the production version.


      Both lsnrctl status and netstat -a|grep 8080 show that there is nothing listening on port 8080. I have started/stopped both the database and the listener after running the apex_epg_config script.   lsnrctl status does not show the XDB dispatchers running.  All I see is the default port 1521.


      I am at a loss as how to continue.  Any ideas?