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    Special Characters like ® , © are not being imported properly




      I've exported a table using the following command from my local.


      expdp myschema/myschema@db11g tables=Organisation directory=TEST_DIR dumpfile=org_dump.dmp logfile=expdp_myschema.log


      Then, I'm trying to import the dump file to other DBs using following command.


      impdp otherschema/otherschema@db11g remap_schema=myschema:otherschema directory=MY_DIR dumpfile=org_dump.dmp logfile=import_org.log TABLE_EXISTS_ACTION=replace.


      The table is being successfully exported. But, some fields which have special characters like ® , © in my local are not being imported properly in some of the systems.

      They have been imported as [] .


      If I manually update the table with these special characters, then the characters are being displyed.


      I've compared the character sets in each of DB envts. But, that does not seem to be the problem.


      Is there any other OS/ System properties I need to check for this issue?