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    interactive report based on complex view


      firefox 24 , apex 4.0 , db11gxe ,

      hi all,

      i created an interactive report with this code :

        select c.client_id , c.client_name , c.age , c.email , c.phone ,

      p.payment_date , sum(p.amount) "summary"

      from clients c , payments p

      where c.client_id = p.client_id

      group by c.client_id , c.client_name , c.age , c.email , c.phone ,


      but the problem was i could not delete any of the rows of the report , because there was no checkbox existed , so i created one with "apex_application.checkbox" , and i have got it now , but

      i still can not delete any rows ,

      i created a button to submit the page , and a process with this code

      FOR i in 1..APEX_APPLICATION.G_F01.count


         DELETE FROM cp

         WHERE client_id = APEX_APPLICATION.G_F01(i);

      END LOOP;

      and sure nothing was deleted , and i am facing this error

      ORA-01732: data manipulation operation not legal on this view