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uninstallob - ERROR: remote copy of shell program failed

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A very odd one this.


We have been changing IP address on OSB clients and the most successful method across 100's of clients has been:


Remove client (uninstallob)

Reinstall client (installob)



On 2 hosts out of the hundreds done, we are seeing the error:


[root@ukna08sr-vf install]# ./uninstallob


Welcome to Oracle's Un-Install program for Oracle Secure Backup.

This program will remove Oracle Secure Backup from one or more machines

on your network. If you are going to remove Oracle Secure Backup from

this host, make sure you do it last (lest the un-install program disappear

before you're done with it).


For most questions, a default answer appears enclosed in square brackets.

Press Enter to select this answer.


Please wait a few seconds while I learn about this machine... done.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Just a moment while I learn about xxxxxxxxxx...done.


Enter the name of an obparameters file that was used to install

Oracle Secure Backup on xxxxxxxxxx [install/obparameters]:


Do you want to remove the Oracle Secure Backup directory [no]?


Do you want to remove xxxxxxxx's identity as a member of the

administrative domain [no]? yes


Oracle Secure Backup will be removed from host xxxxxxxxx.

The backup directory will be retained.

The system's Oracle Secure Backup identity will be removed.


Do you wish to continue [no]? yes


Un-installing Oracle Secure Backup from xxxxxxxxxx...

xxxxxxxxxx: Connection refused

    ERROR: remote copy of shell program failed



I have never seen this before and wondered if others have.


I can telnet to / from admin server on ports 400 and 10000 - no problem!  I am starting.


Any ideas welcome.





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    It is not necessary to reinstall the client software when changing the IP address. All you have to do is stop observiced, do the re-IP and then start observiced. The client will listen on the new IPs.


    Now on the admin server you will have to update the host using chhost if you have used the IP address. If you have used the hostname then you'll need to restart observiced on the the admin too, as the old IP address will be cached. Then that's it, no need to recertify.






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