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    Apex Listener and non-apex app


      I have a custom plsql web toolkit app (now in it's 14 year of longevity) using the Apache2/mod_plsql/custom_owa architecture. 


      I ran into a situation where I need to consume a REST POST from Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS). 


      For whatever reason why, mod_plsql is unable to return the message body of the request into a variable.  So I installed the Apex 4.2.3, Apex Listener and Glassfish4.   And wow, I love what has done....great stuff.  The setup went smooth, the only hard part was extracting the SSL certs out of the wallet and putting them into glassfish (if anyone ever needs help doing this, let me know).


      Inside of Apex, I was able to create a REST consumer and pass the body of the request to a stored proc as a blob.  Again, Oracle has done an amazing job and this is a great improvement to apache/mod_plssql.


      So now Glassfish is listening on port 4443 for Amazon's notifications while apache/mod-plsql is listening on 443 serving the custom app.


      I am considering configuring Glassfish/Apex Listener to handle everything and do away with apache.


      What is the recommended way of setting this up?