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    changes to an entry


      Hello there,

      I want to view/search what are the changes made to an entry in the past by doing a ldapsearch. Does an entry has old change data? I know i can check in audit logs, but i want to view the history of the changes by doing ldapsearch against the UID.

      I am running DS11.



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          Well - either you can scan the Audit logs, or also you can search against the "changelog" if it is enabled.

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            I know audit log will have it, but instead of checking old audit logs i want to search that entry whether it has history of changes to it's value. I don't have changelog enabled. May be if i do ldapsearch for nscpentrywsi attribute... not sure what this attribute meant and have.



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              Sylvain Duloutre-Oracle



              nscpentrywsi would contains historical data, however content may not be always available forever (replication metadata purge delay).

              nscpentrywsi format is not publicly documented; it basically contain the list of changes on each attr of the entry.

              Each value consist in the modified attribute followed by a CSN + details about the operation.


              dn: cn=Mr00006,ou=People,dc=example,dc=com

              changetype: modify

              add: description

              description: aaa aaa

              description: bbb


              search cn=Mr00006,ou=People,dc=example,dc=com

              description: aaa aaa

              nscpentrywsi: description;<csn>: aaa aaa