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    How to clear grey loading screen and animated gif (Dynamic Action with "Show Processing" on submit)


      APEX V4.2.3

      DB 11.2


      I have a classic report on page 1.  I have a region button called "Export" (defined by a submit dynamic action with "show processing=Yes") that submits the page and then via a branch directs me to page 2 which has a slightly different version of the report on page 1 (i.e. no breaks) which I want to capture as a CSV export.  Therefore I've set the report template on page 2 to " Export:CSV".

      Now when I click on the page 1 export button the grey screen and loading gif appears indicating that the report is executing and then as expected, page 2 doesn't appear but instead the standard open/save window's dialog box appears asking to open or save the generated CSV file.  All good..but the grey loading screen remains.  How do I clear this loading screen and get back to the context of page 1 ?

      thanks in advance