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    Many FND_CONCURRENT_REQUESTS records are not Purged

    Habiburrokhman Sjarbini

      Dear All,

      Our EBS System:

      Apps Tier: 2-Tier Shared node,

      DB Tier: 2-Node RAC,


      We schedule every day FNDCPPUR program to keep 15 days old requests with entity ALL. But, we can see many concurrent requests are not purged.

      Kindly, please help to analyze what is the root cause and what we need to check/verify.


      Requests are not purged:

      SQL> select count(*) from fnd_concurrent_requests where request_date > sysdate - 15;



      Total of requests:

      SQL> select count(*) from fnd_concurrent_requests;



      Last FNDCPPUR logfile as below:

      Purged 5952 entrie(s) from FND_CONCURRENT_REQUESTS :-10-DEC-2013 02:01:54
      Purged 0 entrie(s) from FND_FILE_TEMP :-10-DEC-2013 02:01:54
      Purged 566 entrie(s) from FND_CONCURRENT_PROCESSES :-10-DEC-2013 02:01:58
      Purged 2734 entrie(s) from FND_CRM_HISTORY :-10-DEC-2013 02:01:59
      Purged 0 entrie(s) from FND_TM_EVENTS :-10-DEC-2013 02:01:59
      Purged 0 entrie(s) from FND_TEMP_FILES :-10-DEC-2013 02:01:59
      Purged 69072 entrie(s) from FND_ENV_CONTEXT :-10-DEC-2013 02:02:15
      Purged 10 entrie(s) from FND_DUAL :-10-DEC-2013 02:02:15
      Purged 0 entrie(s) from FND_CONFLICTS_DOMAIN :-10-DEC-2013 02:02:15

      Kind Regards,