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    unable to login to ebs with the AD user came from OID


      We have newly built/integrated the Oracle access manager with Oracle internet Directory with E business 12.1.3.

      The provisioning profile between the OID and the E-Business suite is working fine.

      1)The syncing of the Microsoft AD directory with the OID is successful as we check with ldapbind
      2)AD user-id/password which is used in Microsoft AD should be used for the login in to the E business suite.But the AD user credentials are not working in EBS login.But we we have seen those users in FND_USER table.

      The OID users which came from OID are available in FND_USER but USER_GUID is showing blank for those user. Can you please suggest what need to be done:

      We ran ldapsearch and ldap compare.Everything is fine from OID level