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    Can not create Database-based MDS connection


      Hello Dear Oracle Support,


      I am trying to use MDS to share some common dvm files. First step, I want to create a database based MDS connection but failed.


      My SOA schema is JDEV_SOAINFRA. When I test my Database based MDS connection, I got ORA-01031: insufficient privileges. What privileges I need to grand to MDS schema?


      I am using JDEV_MDS as username to establish MDS connection.


      Thank you for any suggestion and/or information,


      Alena Li

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          Hello Alena!


          If you want to wait the answer from Oracle Support here.. you'll need a lot of patience.


          Is the corresponded Database Connection test succeed?

          If it also fails that, I think, your JDEV_MDS user (schema) lack of the CONNECT privilege.


          A question to you - how did you created this schema?

          You should use RCU to create the schemes  for SOA Suite (and other Oracle Middleware).

          The RCU creates the schemes with all necessary structures (tables) and grants.


          Hope this helps,


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            Hi Oleg,


            Thank you very much for your response.

            Yes, I used RCU to create the schemes, and I can create Database Connection using "SYS" and tested success. But I can't create Database Connection in JDeveloper using JDEV_MDS account. I also can connect through some SQL tools using JDEV_MDS account, such as SQLDeveloper without any problem.


            Because I can't complete Database Connection with JDEV_MDS account, so can't continue creating Database-bases MDS connection.


            Thank you again for your reply.