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    Macros still missing


      Macros are still missing from this release of developer. 

      By missing I mean you can't configure it.  The functionality is still there.  You can import your key settings from previous versions that had macros working and that key definition will still activate it. 


      Does this mean that macro's are going to be depricated?  or maybe they will be augmented in the future?  I don't know.

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          Gary Graham-Oracle

          It appears that Tools > Preferences > Shortcut Keys > Category=Code Editor no longer includes commands for

          Macro Playback

          Macro Toggle Recording

          as in our 3.2 release.


          I have no specific knowledge of this, but perhaps these commands got renamed at some point in the JDev framework and we just missed them while re-basing on the latest release.  I can see a JDev enhancement request for adding toolbar access for such commands, but it refers to them as

          Play Recorded Macro
          Toggle Macro Recording

          So I doubt it has been deprecated.  I would guess either the name difference is at fault, or else some other issue caused a developer to disable it for 4.0.  A quick search did not turn up any bug logged for this omission.



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