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    Debug hangs - Updated


      I posted a query yesterday about some debugs hanging in 11g on a Linux server. We thought it was due to the size of the packages, but that was not the case. We discovered that the hang is due to having an initialization value in a record type. Here is an example.


        TYPE type_credithistdetl IS RECORD


          transtype        credithistdetl.transtype%TYPE,

          credit_desc      VARCHAR2(22),

          count_transtype  NUMBER:=0,

          systemtime_yymm  adjdetl.billmoyr%TYPE



        TYPE type_table_credithistdetl IS TABLE OF type_credithistdetl INDEX BY BINARY_INTEGER;


      If we create an instance of type_table_credithistdetl and reference it, debug will hang. When I say hang, I mean it never reaches the first break point. And it doesn't matter which procedure in the package that we debug. All we need is one statement like below, anywhere in any procedure, and it hangs.


      l_credithist      type_table_credithistdetl;


      l_credithist(1).transtype := 1;


      We have deugged these packages many times in 10g and this never occurred. Is this a known bug in 11g, and if so, can it be fixed? Fyi, we also tried SQL Developer 4.0 and it hangs there too.


      I'm adding these comments that I found in the forum from 2012. From reading them, it appears that an attempt was made to fix the problem. Perhaps they gave up because they couldn't re-create it. Well, if you want to try again, the scenario I have documented above should give you something to go on.



      From Feb 3, 2012


      Debug start correctly after dialog box ask
      me for parameters (i've compiled for debug head and body).

      After that, log window say that debbugger is connecting to ip and port for

      I've set several breakpoint in the code, but after log, i don't receive errors
      or others messages.

      Simply the debug doesn't do anything, neither disconnect....





      It looks like you have hit a known bug:


      This bug is being actively pursued, with low-level tracing on-going, and
      the investigation focusing on some mismatch between PL/SQL (server-side) versus
      the JDeveloper debugger (client-side) on which SQL Developer relies.

      Works fine on and, presumably, other earlier versions of Oracle.



      SQL Developer Team





      From May 17, 2012


      The bug appears in Oracle's Bug DB in a
      Publish=Yes state, logged originally for customer, and doesn't appear to have
      any other restrictions that would prevent it from being visible. It has
      recently been escalated
      , which probably is good news for anyone waiting on
      a fix.

      That said, I don't really know much about Oracle's customer-facing support
      applications. To which bug list are you referring? Wouldn't it be visible from My Oracle Support