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    Issue connecting via proxy client in SQL Developer 4.0


      Hi SQL Developers,


      I should have posted this earlier, as I have been using SQL Developer 4.0 for several months and noticed the issue some time ago. The environment I am connecting to uses a Windows ISA Proxy desktop client to allow traffic to some databases. I generally use the Oracle Client and OCI connections in SQL Developer. At some point during the SQL Developer releases, connectivity stopped working for certain databases behind the proxy.


      The following clients connect to the database behind the proxy without issue:

      • SQL*Plus 64-bit
      • SQL Developer using the SQL*Plus client and OCI


      Connectivity to the database behind the proxy does not work with these versions:

      • SQL Developer (tested with Oracle client, thin, etc.)
      • SQL Developer (tested with Oracle client, thin, etc.)


      Error Message:

      An error was encountered performing the requested operation:

      IO Error: The Network Adapter could not establish the connection

      Vendor code 17002


      Connectivity to other non-proxied databases works for all clients above. I've tried re-creating the connections, re-installing, etc. Nothing works except going back to the earlier version of SQL Developer.


      Has anyone else experienced this behavior? I am trying to determine whether the proxy is stopping the client based on a signature or if the client is not routing the connection correctly.