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Exam pricing

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Hi colleagues,


As I see price on most exams decreased from 245 USD to 150 USD, so I want to buy/schedule a couple. I didn't find a specific information on how many times I can re-schedule exams and in what period should I pass it after purchase. Can someone share with me this information?




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    I'm not sure where you are seeing a price decrease.  I spot-checked a handful of exams and still see them at $245.  I also checked the voucher prices on Oracle's site and I still see them at $245.  While I was there, I did note that they are good for 12 months after purchase. 


    You can retake exams as many times as necessary, but you cannot re-schedule the same exam for 14 days after failing it.

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    If you are referring to how many times you can schedule and exam and then reschedule it prior to your appointment date, there is not currently a limit. However, a limit may be implemented in the future, so be sure that you watch the Oracle Certification Blog at blogs.oracle.com/certification to stay up-to-date on what is going on with the Oracle Certification Program.



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