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    (Classic) Report losing pagination on partial page refresh - APEX feature request


      I have a page with both an Interactive Report and some classic Report regions.

      Based on user updates, there are many occasions where I need to do a partial page refresh.


      Thanks to plugin http://www.apex-plugin.com/oracle-apex-plugins/dynamic-action-plugin/refresh-interactive-report-1.0_361.html

      I'm able to refresh my IR, but not my classic report (unless I do a submit of the whole page) without losing pagination.


      Request: Will a Dynamic action 'Refresh without losing pagination' be part of future apex versions?


      Now, in apex 4.2, is there another work around available for classic reports?


      (I use 'submit page' now as action, but it's at least a second slower as a partial refresh, and because I need it on every user update, this second becomes a big addition to user frustration).


      Thanks, JP