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    Error While Exporting in FDM



      I am trying to upload data using FDM. Let me explain the scenario.

      I am using EPM system

      My hyperion planninng and Essbase is on 65-bit linux

      I have installed FDM on windows 2008 server R2 (64-bit)

      Configuration is successful.


      Now i am trying to upload data. I have mapped dimensions and members, created import format, created a location.

      Now when i upload the file it was successful, validation is also successful. While exporting it creates and export file but it gives an error when it tries to upload that exported file into hyperion

      This is the error.

      "Data Load Failed.

      10415 - Data Load Errors.

      Essbase API Procedure: [EsbImport] Threw code: 1003007 - 1003007 - [Sun Dec 15 23:24:01 2013]hyptest/hypprod5/Plan1/admin/Error(1003007)

      Data Value [123456] Encountered Before All Dimensions Selected, [0] Records Completed"


      I think my file format is not correct. This is my CSV file which i am trying to upload.


      Account, Entity, Class, Budget Centers, Currency, Statistical, Version, Future1, Planning Unit, data

      Student Strength, Karachi - 1, one, no budget center, local, opening students, first pass, no future1, no unit, 123456


      Other three dimensions Scenario, Dimensions and year are give in Control Tables

      Please update me on this issue.


      Regards and thanks for help.