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    Virtual Memory is taking too much of memory.




      We have an monitoring application which consists only 5 java classes, This application monitors the files/reports in a particular folder for every 15min of data. In this we have one thread,which is used to monitoring and kept it sleep for 15 mins and again invoking.

      When we look into the memory stats in machine, it is showing the virtual memory paramter as >3.5 GB and RSS of 70Mb only. We need to figure it out why virtual memory is taking that much amount of space.


      This application is currently running on HP Unix server.



      Suggestions/Help will be much appreciated.


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          Well good luck I guess. You don't give anything that would make it remotely possible to


          a) help you with anything

          b) have any indication that Java is in some way involved


          I highly doubt that this Java application is consuming 3.5gb of memory unless you specify to Java to create a minimum heap size that big (in which case I don't know why you're posting this, I assume you know what you're doing). It is likely going somewhere else.

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            Sounds like you are creating a lot of objects, and not throwing them away when you no longer need them.

            With the data provided (none) there's nothing more anyone can say with any degree of certainty.