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    logout issue


      Open two browsers sessions and in one log into the site and close this browser. in the other open session, go to the same site. The user is already logged in. If both browsers are closed and a new browser is opened, this issue doesn't occur. How to fix this issue?

      i.e how to clear the user's log as soon as he closes the browser?

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          Gautam Singh

          You cannot fix this issue as it depends on how browsers handle cookie. By default all new browsers share cookies across multiple browser window.

          Your only option, though is a tough one, is to switch to URL rewriting for session tracking.


          In IE a way to workaround this is to use "New Session" option from file menu. Other browsers you can use private window or incognito mode to achieve the same result.

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            Nitin Dubey

            Profile is session scoped component.

            So across same browser, multiple windows/tabs share same session,So We are logged in/out in one window/tab, We will get logged in/out across all windows/tabs.


            But Do different browsers share sessions?Please Clarify the doubt.




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              Gautam Singh

              I am not sure if your question is for Mohan but just to clarify your doubt, different browsers do not share sessions. Here different browsers mean different kind of browsers like Firefox, IE, Chrome, Safari, etc

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                Nitin Dubey

                Thanks Gautam for clarifying the doubt.

                The word different browser mentioned in the post was little confusing.




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                  I am not sure what are your exact requirements, but if you would like to log user out irrespective of how many windows/tabs are open; this could be achieved with the Javascript. Capture 'Browser Close Button' event. On success delete the cookies responsible for storing log-in details. Not a great user experience - but again as I said it all depends on how strict are your requirements around this behavior.