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    Error rebulding Oracle Forms/Reports


      Hi ppl,


      I'm trying to rebuild oracle forms and reports but when i try the command make -f ins_forms.mk sharedlib install the output is this...


      make -f ins_forms.mk sharedlib install

      for libs in libfrmjsl.so.0 libd2f.so.0 libia.so.0 libic.so.0 libicg.so.0 libid1.so.0 libid2.so.0 libidd.so.0 libidg.so.0 libidl.so.0 libie.so.0 libifc.so.0 libifg.so.0 libig.so.0 libigo.so.0 libihm.so.0 libiic.so.0 libilfrm.so.0 libimc.so.0 libimg.so.0 libioc.so.0 libiod.so.0 libipc.so.0 libipg.so.0 libiplsn.so.0 libiplsd.so.0 libirm.so.0 libit.so.0 libitg.so.0 libiwc.so.0 libiwg.so.0 libsosd.so.0 libibfrmw.so.0 libicw.so.0 libifcw.so.0 libijc.so.0 libijcw.so.0 libiffw.so.0 libiicw.so.0 libiifw.so.0 libiiiw.so.0 libimfw.so.0 libipfw.so.0 libiqw.so.0 libitw.so.0 libiwcw.so.0 libiwfw.so.0 libixw.so.0 libsosdw.so.0; do \

                      rm -f /QUA/apps/tech_st/10.1.2/lib//$libs ; \

                      /QUA/apps/tech_st/10.1.2/bin/genshlib /QUA/apps/tech_st/10.1.2/lib//$libs ; \


      rm -f frmbld

      gcc -m32 -o frmbld -L/QUA/apps/tech_st/10.1.2/forms/lib/ -L/QUA/apps/tech_st/10.1.2/lib/ -L/QUA/apps/tech_st/10.1.2/lib//stubs  -L/QUA/apps/tech_st/10.1.2/jdk/jre/lib/i386 -L/QUA/apps/tech_st/10.1.2/jdk/jre/lib/i386/server -L/QUA/apps/tech_st/10.1.2/jdk/jre/lib/i386/native_threads \

              /QUA/apps/tech_st/10.1.2/lib/s0nnmain.o \

              /QUA/apps/tech_st/10.1.2/forms/lib/sslidtab.o \

              /QUA/apps/tech_st/10.1.2/forms/lib/ui10.o /QUA/apps/tech_st/10.1.2/forms/lib/uiicxd.o \

              /QUA/apps/tech_st/10.1.2/forms/lib/ifzxtb.o \

              /QUA/apps/tech_st/10.1.2/forms/lib/sixn.o \

              /QUA/apps/tech_st/10.1.2/forms/lib/sixp.o \

              /QUA/apps/tech_st/10.1.2/forms/lib/iwvgbm.o \

              /QUA/apps/tech_st/10.1.2/lib/libie.a -lilfrm /QUA/apps/tech_st/10.1.2/lib/libie.a -lig -lifg -lig -limg -liwg -lidd -lidl -lidg -lid2 -lidg -lid1 -ligo -litg -lihm -limg -lipg -licg -lipc -limc -lifc -lijc -liwc -liplsd -liod -lioc -lic /QUA/apps/tech_st/10.1.2/lib/libsosd.a -liic -lit -lic /QUA/apps/tech_st/10.1.2/lib/libsosd.a -lipc  \

              /QUA/apps/tech_st/10.1.2/forms/lib/istuic.o \




              -lrws \

              -lnn -lobx -lzrc  -lvgs -lde -lucol  -lca  -luicc -lmma -lmmiw -lmmov -lmma -lmmos -lmmoi  -lmmia -lmmft -lmmcm  -luihx -luc -luipr -luimotif -lot -lrem -lree -lrec -luiimg -luimotif -luipr -luiimg -luc -lrem -luimotif -luia -ltknqap -luipr -luimotif -lutt -lix -lixd -lix -lixd -lrod -lror -lros -lrod -lror -lros -lrod -ldfc -luat  -lutc -lutj -lutl -lutsl -lpls10  -lplp10 -lplc10 -lpls10  -lplp10 -lslax10 -lsql10 -lpthread -lclntsh  `cat /QUA/apps/tech_st/10.1.2/lib/ldflags`    -lnsslb10 -lncrypt10 -lnsgr10 -lnzjs10 -ln10 -lnnz10 -lnl10 -lnro10 `cat /QUA/apps/tech_st/10.1.2/lib/ldflags`    -lnsslb10 -lncrypt10 -lnsgr10 -lnzjs10 -ln10 -lnnz10 -lnl10 -lclient10 -lnnetd10  -lvsn10 -lcommon10 -lgeneric10 -lmm  -lcore10 -lxml10 -lunls10 -lsnls10 -lnls10 -lcore10 -lnls10 `cat /QUA/apps/tech_st/10.1.2/lib/ldflags`    -lnsslb10 -lncrypt10 -lnsgr10 -lnzjs10 -ln10 -lnnz10 -lnl10 -lnro10 `cat /QUA/apps/tech_st/10.1.2/lib/ldflags`    -lnsslb10 -lncrypt10 -lnsgr10 -lnzjs10 -ln10 -lnnz10 -lnl10 -lclient10 -lnnetd10  -lvsn10 -lcommon10 -lgeneric10    -lcore10 -lxml10 -lunls10 -lsnls10 -lnls10 -lcore10 -lnls10 -lclient10 -lnnetd10  -lvsn10 -lcommon10 -lgeneric10  -lcore10 -lxml10 -lunls10 -lsnls10 -lnls10 -lcore10 -lnls10   `cat /QUA/apps/tech_st/10.1.2/lib/sysliblist` -Wl,-rpath,/QUA/apps/tech_st/10.1.2/lib,-rpath,/QUA/apps/tech_st/10.1.2/jdk/jre/lib/i386:/QUA/apps/tech_st/10.1.2/jdk/jre/lib/i386/xawt:/lib:/usr/lib  -lm    `cat /QUA/apps/tech_st/10.1.2/lib/sysliblist` -ldl -lpthread -lm   -L/QUA/apps/tech_st/10.1.2/lib -L/QUA/apps/tech_st/10.1.2/lib/stubs/ -lsnls10 -L/QUA/apps/tech_st/10.1.2/jdk/jre/lib/i386 -L/QUA/apps/tech_st/10.1.2/jdk/jre/lib/i386/server -L/QUA/apps/tech_st/10.1.2/jdk/jre/lib/i386/native_threads -ljvm  -Wl,-rpath,/usr/X11R6/lib  -Wl,--as-needed -lXi -lXtst -Wl,--no-as-needed -L/usr/X11R6/lib -lXm -lXt -lX11 -lm -lXp -lXext

      /usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-redhat-linux/3.4.6/libgcc_s_32.so: undefined reference to `__stack_chk_fail@GLIBC_2.4'

      collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

      make: *** [frmbld] Error 1


      I searched in other posts but the solution given by other users it didn't help...

      I, inclusive, tried to apply the rpm xorg-x11-libs-compat-6.8.2-1.EL.33.0.1.i386.rpm but nothing happens